About Us

Welcome to our special place!

Bannon's Gymnastix has been serving the Northwest Houston area since 1986. We continuously improve and refine our award winning programs. We offer kindergym, boys & girls recreational & competitive programs, power tumble, cheer tumble, kinder cheer, show team and competitive cheerleading with a positive focus in every area.

Our primary goal is to teach quality instruction in a fun, safe and personable environment while raising the student's self esteem. Each of our program's curriculum is guided and designed by this philosophy. We want your experience with us to be positive and enjoyable.

Flexibility, coordination, fine and gross motor coordination, self image are all lifetime benefits that are greatly enhanced through gymnastics instruction. We are excited about gymnastics and hope that every student will gain knowledge and an appreciation of this wonderful sport.

Our facility is equipped with the safest and most comfortable learning tools. Our instructors are enthusiastic professionals trained in the best format for progressing and developing your child. Certification in safety, CPR and first aid is the basic requirement of all our staff.

The Placement of your child in the correct class and level is very important to their success and self esteem. We are happy to answer any questions regarding the accompanying schedule and your registration into our program.


  • Only registered students are allowed in the class, and must be accompanied by an instructor.
  • Food, Drinks and Cell phones only allowed in the waiting area.
  • Parents & observers must refrain from commenting to students and or instructor during class. All observers must remain in the viewing area.
  • All students must wait inside building to be picked up.
  • Anyone under the age of 16 yrs must be under the direct supervision of an adult.

Please do not park in the "NO PARKING AREAS"


  • Female gymnasts must wear a leotard, or athletic shorts and tucked in T-Shirt. No mid-riff showing.
  • Male gymnasts are required to wear athletic shorts and tucked in T-Shirt.
  • Gymnastic students must participate barefooted.
  • Hair must be pulled up and away from face, in tight pony tail.
  • No jewelry or gum or food allowed in the gym area.
  • Clothing with zippers, snaps or buttons are not allowed, due to chance of personal injury.


  • Monthly tuition is due BEFORE the 1st of each month.
  • Tuition may be paid with cash, check or credit card Vs/Mc/D
  • Tuition paid on or after the first of the month will receive a $5 late charge.
  • Students will be dropped from the class when tuition is not paid by the 2nd class day of the month.
  • Please note your child's full name on memo portion of check.
  • If paying by cash, a receipt will be given.
  • All returned checks must be paid in cash along with a $25 service charge.

Parents assumes tuition responsibility until written drop notification is given to office personnel.


  • There are NO refunds for missed classes.
  • Makeup’s are offered only when there is availability in another class.
  • Makeups must be scheduled AFTER the class has been missed.
  • Makeups are void if student has dropped out of the program.
  • Written notification must be given to the front office 30 days before a child drops a class.
  • Parents are responsible for paying for each class held before written notification  is received in office.
  • Deposit refund will be void if no written 30 day notice is giving.