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    Bannon’s Gymnastix TAAF Meet

  • Nov 04

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  • Nov 11

    FRIDAY NIGHT FUN Pre-registration is REQUIRED! Click to Register through the Parent Portal

Kindergym Classes

The Bannon’s Gymnastix Kindergym Program is for boys and girls, ages 1 through 6 years.  The curriculum is firmly based on developing the whole child: physically, mentally and socially.  Our program emphasizes raining the child’s self confidence throughout gymnastics movement and class interaction.  A child’s success in this program is achieved when both the parent and the instructor can positively reinforce and acknowledge every step of progress.  The Kindergym Program has been carefully designed so that skills, activities and expectations are age appropriate, safe and developmentally correct.


Dyper Dynamos – Each 45 minute class promotes healthy & positive Parent/child interaction.  Using a stimulating and challenging format of music, games, obstacle course & equipment, the one year old child is guided through appropriate motor development necessary to gain self confidence and independent physical movement.

Ready Rompers -  2 Year olds are taught the fundamental movement, basic rhythm and gymnastics skills.  Skills are taught in a progressive and positive manner to encourage the independence and achievement potential of each child.  Each structured 45 minute class has a ratio of 6 to 1.

Kinderstars – Active participation, following basic instruction and sequences, and becoming comfortable with physical movement that involve height and rotation are class goals.  This 3 year old class has a student ratio of 6 to 1.

Gymstars – This 4 year old class goals are visual and name skill recognition and awareness of basic body control.  Class ratio is 7 to 1.

Jr. Level 1 -  The performance of good technique, overall body control and form are class goals.  The appreciation of fitness & readiness to enter into the Recreational Program are reinforced in the 5 & 6 year old class.  Student ratio is 8 to 1.